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This is an issue which is causing increasing concern to parents.
Can I Choose Which School My Child Attends?
You are allowed to say which state school you would like your child to attend. However, the Local Education Authority does not have to send your child to your preferred school. If you are applying at the normal time that a child starts school, your Local Education Authority may limit the number of schools you can apply to
childrens "challenging" behaviour
This booklet is written to help give you confidence in dealing with difficult situations that arise when raising children; to give you guidance in thinking about ways to improve your relationship with your children; and to give you information so that you can judge when your children’s behaviour is not acceptable to you.
Overcoming Barriers To Education
Studying in Britain can be difficult for asylum seekers and refugees. This leaflet lists some of the restrictions you may face, and suggest ideas on how to overcome them.
Public libraries
Public libraries are free, open to all and offer not only books, but also music and film, useful information and access to computers. There is certainly one near you. This information explains what they offer and what to expect if you have never been in a public library before.