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Lost your job
This leaflet tells you what claims you might have against your employer if you have lost your job.
Employment contracts
This leaflet tells you what an employment contract is, how it works and what rights you have in relation to your employment contract.
Disputes at work
Workplace problems may arise from time to time in even the best-run businesses. Reasons vary – you may believe you have not been given your statutory rights at work, or because you feel you have been discriminated against. Whatever the reason its best to talk it through when it happens.
Flexible working
New family friendly employment law has introduced the right to ask your employer for a change to your working hours, to take Parental Leave, and to take Time Off for Dependants to make arrangements in an emergency for the care of your dependants. The intention is to help parents to balance their childcare responsibilities with work by providing greater choice.
Further help on your employment rights
If you are unable to resolve a dispute at work, do seek specialist advice before you take any action. The organisations listed below will have advisers who are experienced in employment law.