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Racism & Discrimination

Discriminate against somebody in the workplace on the grounds of their religious or other belief is unlawful.
The definition of sexual orientation has a broad definition and is defined as: orientation towards persons of the same sex (gay men and lesbians), orientation towards persons of the opposite sex (heterosexual) or orientation towards a person of the same sex and the opposite sex (bi-sexual).
Equal opportunities
This fact sheet introduces different aspects of discrimination, how to deal with discrimination, when it can happen and types of discrimination.
Equal opportunities (2): Sex and sexual discrimination
This fact sheet illustrates discrimination and harassment because of your sex or sexual orientation at work and school, when you are buying or renting a house or flat or any other goods and services.
Equal Opportunities (3): Discrimination because of your religion or beliefs
When discrimination is against law, job duties that conflict with religious beliefs, religious observance and more topics are discussed in this fact sheet.
Equal Opportunities (4): What you can do about discrimination
This leaflet illustrates some aspects such as: dealing with discrimination at work, going to an employment tribunal, using the questionnaire procedure and how compensation is worked out.
Equal Opportunities (5): Dealing with other types of discrimination
Going to court, how to pay for your case, the Human Rights Act and discrimination because of your age are illustrated in this fact sheet.
AIDS is a global pandemic. People living with HIV and AIDS are, to varying degrees, stigmatised throughout the world.
Racial Discrimination - What you can do about discrimination
If you have been discriminated against because of your race, first think about what you want to be done. There are laws to stop this happening.
Racial Discrimination - Your legal rights
You don't have to put up with discrimination or harassment because of the colour of your skin or your ethnic group. This leaflet explains your legal rights.
Racially and religiously motivated attacks
Racially motivated attacks and religiously motivated attacks are attacks which are carried out because of someone's racial or ethnic origin, or their religion or lack of religion.
SEX DISCRIMINATION (In the work place)
Sex discrimination occurs when a person, or group of people, receive less favourable treatment on the basis of their gender. The law makes it illegal to discriminate on the basis of gender.
The Articles of the Human Rights Act
Here we explain what each article says. We also give examples of how they have been used in the past or how they might be used under the Human Rights Act. Bear in mind, though, that these are just examples, and the Convention rights can be used in many other ways.
The Human Rights Act
The Human Rights Act 1998 is an important and wide-ranging law that affects many parts of our lives. This leaflet explains what the Act says and how it works.
The Human rights Act: the Protocols
The protocols are new parts of the Convention, added since the Convention was first written.