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Highly Skilled Migrant Programme
This leaflet explains the scheme for highly skilled individuals wishing to come to the United Kingdom to seek and take work. The programme is designed to allow individuals with exceptional personal skills and experience to come to the United Kingdom to seek and take work.
Information about spouses
This leaflet explains what the Immigration Rules say about husbands, wives, fiancés or fiancées coming to the United Kingdom with, or to join someone who is settled here.
People who sponsor visitors
This leaflet explains what the Immigration Rules say about how you can sponsor a visitor and what you can do to support the application.
Relatives Who Come to the United Kingdom
This leaflet explains what the Immigration Rules say about relatives (other than husbands, wives and children under 18) coming to the United Kingdom to join someone who is settled here.
Help with immigration problems
Immigration control, Problems which may need immigration or nationality advice, Registration of immigration advisers, National organisations which can help, Solicitors in private practice, Local help.
Claiming Asylum
This leaflet explains the main things asylum seekers need to know. What happens to you will depend on your exact circumstances and which procedure the UK government uses. You should get expert advice about your case as soon as you can.
Claiming asylum: What happens when I apply?
You go through several stages, and several things will happen to you while your application is being dealt with. Not all applicants go though the same procedure.
Claiming asylum: your right while you are waiting
This leaflet tells you about applying for support, what you can get, where you will be housed, when support stop and more.
What will be the outcome of claiming asylum?
This leaflet explains three different types of status you can be given and what to do if your claim is rejected.
How to get good asylum advice
Sometimes the Home Office makes mistakes and without advice you may not spot them or know how to challenge them. Well-meaning friends may give you advice, but the system changes often so you should always get proper legal advice.
Are you a woman seeking asylum in the UK
This leaflet is to help women who are claiming asylum.
Frequently asked questions about immigration
This information applies to England, Wales and Scotland and Northern Ireland.
Adopted Children
This leaflet explains what the Immigration Rules say about adopted children coming to join their parents or a parent who is settled in the United Kingdom.
Family Visitors
This leaflet is for people who want a visa to visit a family member in the UK. It explains the things you need to think about before you apply, what happens when you apply and how to appeal if your application for a visa is refused. It will also be useful for sponsors in the UK who want members of their families to visit them there.
What if I want to work in the UK?
If you want to stay in the UK to work, you will also usually need a work permit. If a company here wants to employ you, then the company, not you, must apply for the work permit.
Domestic workers
This leaflet explains what you need to know if you are coming to the United Kingdom with your employer as a domestic worker. They are only a guide and aim to answer frequently asked questions.
Support for asylum seekers in the UK
If you are an asylum seeker in the UK you are entitled to support (somewhere to live and money for food and clothes) whilst your claim for asylum is being decided.
Is it possible to qualify as a refugee on the grounds of my sexual orientation?
This leaflet will give you information on how do you qualify as a refugee on the grounds of my sexual orientation.
Habitual Residence test and Right to Reside
The article attempts to briefly clarify: What is the habitual residence test? What is the right to reside? Who is affected? Which benefits are affected?